About Reedyk

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"Exactly what you need"

Reedyk Compact Cranes have used their expertise in hydraulics, mechanics, control technology and electrical engineering to create for you a tailored solution, ranging from a complete compact crane to the optimisation of your entire hydraulic system. We are at our best when there are no standard answers available. For easy access, we distinguish four divisions in our company: Compact Cranes, Hydraulics, Waterjet Cutting and Industrial Maintenance. The four divisions support one another every day,  to serve you even better tomorrow.

Creative innovation
We seriously invest in product development and innovation. We develop new technology in-house if the existing technology cannot be improved, or is not available. Currently, Reedyk has no less than four patents to their name. One of these is a wireless remote control based on a tablet pc. It was not available, so we developed it ourselves. Everything often starts with a seemingly simple question but it may easily grow into the development of a unique solution. Such as an explosion safe mini crane for the Royal Dutch Shell for example.

Reedyk in perspective

External power: Close cooperation with suppliers
Tailor made solutions at a high level demand close cooperation with the suppliers. We trust a single supplier for each product group, delivering all items to us. In this way the supplier's optimal support is guaranteed and we save much time. This is how we can offer a higher level of service. The remaining time is spent on product development.

Internal power: Independent and committed employees
For a major part, the power of Reedyk is based on our team's independence, commitment to the company and the openness in our business operations. The basic assumption of company owner, Dirk Reedijk, is to provide everyone with the trust so they may perform to their fullest potential.

Pioneering in CSR
Smart machines even help create a better environment. Sustainability to us means first of all a long lifespan. Moreover, we have developed the first mini crane running on a lithium battery pack. It is a machine without exhaust emissions, suitable for a more flexible deployment. Hence, we always strive for the optimum combination of CSR and product innovation.

Growing together with you
We are experiencing unprecedented growth, allowing us to introduce our innovative power to our customers. For your particular needs, we will develop a tailored solution. Would you like to know more about this? Please contact us via +31 (0) 186572044 or info@reedyk.eu, so we can schedule an appointment.

Recognised internship company
We are an internship company recognised by Kenteq. Check out our certificate here.  We guarantee the learning opportunities and expert student guidance.