Reedyk kraanverhuur minikraan minicrane mini kraan

Do you need a genuine Reedyk crane for one day? No problem! Especially for this reason, we have a joint venture with a select group of crane rental companies in the Netherlands and abroad. They provide the same service which you have come to expect from us. These companies have a mini crane available for you to hire/lease.

You simply rent  the cranes directly from one of the following companies:


Airnace SA, Switzerland

Cranetype C3412
JIB? Yes
Z.I. La Blamaz
CH-1902 Evionnaz, Switzerland
(+41) 277673038

Cassier Transport Digoinnais, France

Cranetype C3412
JIB? Yes
ZA des Muriers
F-71160 Digion, France
(+33) 385532024

De Kamper Bouwmetalen, The Netherlands

Cranetype C3410
Bobinestraat 24
3903 KG Veenendaal, The Netherlands
(+31) 318512854

De Vos Mechaniek bvba, Belgium

Kraantype C3405, C3410

JIB? Nee

Nieuwe Dreef 51

B - 9160  Lokeren, Belgium

(+32) 497544865

Der Glaslogistiker, Germany

Kraantype C3410
Frankfurter Straße 1
14979 Großbeeren OT Heinersdorf, Germany
(+49) 33701 368 745

Eggermont Natuursteen N.V., Belgium

Cranetype C3412
JIB? Yes
Oude Brugsepoort 95
B-9800 Deinze, Belgium
(+32) 093862172

Elmech Services N.V. , Belgium

Cranetype C3412
JIB? Yes
Industrieweg Noord 1114
B-3660 Opglabbeek, Belgium
(+32) 089819819

Grúas Tomás S.L., Spain

Cranetype C3412
JIB? Yes
Ctra. d’Onda, s/n
12540 Vila-ral (Castellón)
Tel: (+43) 964520654

Grues Minguella S.L., Spain

Kraantype C3412

Jib? Ja


25191 Lleida, Lérida


Tel: (+34) 902 37 99 73

Haegens Kraanverhuur BV, The Netherlands

Cranetype C3412
JIB? Yes
Gerele Peel 53
5424 TM Elsendorp, The Netherlands
(+31) 492351582

Hijstec B.V., The Netherlands

Cranetype C3412
Regenboogforel 58
1562 KJ Krommenie, The Netherlands
(+31) 655832645

Jan van Dam transport, The Netherlands

Cranetype C3410, FB1503
Wilgenweg 20
3421 TV Oudewater, The Netherlands
(+31) 0348564540

Leeb GmbH Hebe- und Montagetechnik, Austria

Cranetype C3412
JIB? Yes
Küpfern 45
A-3335 Weyer (an der Enns), Austria
(+43) 735584780

Meisterkran, Germany

Kraantype C3412
JIB? Yes
Gewerbestraße 3-5
64807 Dieburg, Germany
(+49) 60718815-0

MFA Metalverarbeitung, Germany

Kraantype C3412
Industriestraße 6
D - 54486 Mulheim, Germany

0049 1752468938 

Peinemann Kranen, The Netherlands

Cranetype C3410, PC4202
Nieuwe Langeweg 40
3194 DB Hoogvliet, The Netherlands
(+31) 102955000

Speciaal Transport en Kraanbedrijf Gaffert B.V., The Netherlands

Cranetype C3412
JIB? Yes
Costerweg 4
5466 AM Veghel, The Netherlands
(+31) 413365955

Stavebni Stroje A Doprava sro, Czech Republic

Cranetype C3412
JIB? Yes
Krátká 178
41183 Hrobce, Czech Republic
(+420) 416848032

Tuk Kraanverhuur, The Netherlands

Cranetype Reedyk Compact Crane C3412
Molendijk 25
3286 BE  Klaaswaal
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)186 57 12 69

Van der Giessen BV,

Cranetype C3412
Beyerinckweg 9
4251 LP Werkendam, The Netherlands
+31 (0)183 509 250

Wido Kraanverhuur B.V., Netherlands

Cranetype C3412

JIB? Yes

Stationsstraat 37

6515 AA Nijmegen, The Netherlands